Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-26

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  • – Arrrrrr! Too busy swabbing me deck to join ye scallywags in talking like a Pirate t'day, mateys! #
  • – Frank SS posted the winners of his Challenge. Go lookie, even I missed a bunch! #
  • – The sun isn't up yet and I am still out hunting Vampires. COME OUT AND PLAY! #
  • – SONG OF THE DAY: Josh is right. Sometime I sit on Frank SS's blog for hours just to listen to the Eagles. YEAH! #
  • – "Love is walking through hell together and coming out the other side holding hands." – This was beautiful! #
  • wonders how many people on his friends list is an amputee or a quadriplegic. Quick, show of hands…? #
  • – I don't normally pimp drama blogs too much these days but I can't stand that f**king guy!!!! #
  • – Make this blog #1 in N&P… let silliness REIGN! #
  • – Kid in school: "That's the gay seat" – My son: "Oh yeah? Then why aren't YOU sitting in it?" HAHAHA! THE NEXT GENERATION. #
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