Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-17

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  • – The RSS Chief is… #
  • – Secret of my success is revealed inside #
  • – NO NEMIE I am not promoting my “C Cup” friends again. (C.C. just informed us she is a “D Cup”) #
  • – The thread that launched 1,000 dramas. He’s just reading them now. HAHA! #
  • -Guilty is right though. You all need to get laid. DESPERATELY. #
  • TRUTH! #
  • ANYONE ELSE DO THIS? I actually lie to the kids and don’t tell them they’re really eating pork, or venison, or their grandmother. #
  • – Two Words: Steve Martin #
  • – Memories… #
  • – Ruby’s new blog post reminds me it’s deer season. SO LONG SUCKERS! #
  • … and she writes good, too! #
  • – NEW MANTANA! #
  • – This blog is 100% true. I am a sociopa… WAiT. WHAT???? #
  • – And now for something completely different than the usual stuff. This helped me at a rough time, and it can help many… #
  • – DON’T READ THIS BLOG!!!! #
  • – Aw JEEZ! Just what MySpace needs now… A HAUNTING! #
  • – Erik the Red! I am on your side! I made this video in 2007 and it proves 9/11 was an inside job… you wont believe w… #
  • – BRILLIANT AND HILARIOUS! Thank you C.C. for for bringing this guy to our attention. He’s becoming one of my faves…. #
  • -ATTN: FUNNY BLOGGERS – Kristina has a new challenge. Enter your funny blogs here….. #
  • – Good going with your issues, Existential Pathos! At least concerned bloggers know what to do now thanks to the modera… #
  • – Is it me, or do the guys from “Jackass” look a little more brain damaged than usual? #
  • I subscribed to YoAdrian517’s channel on YouTube. #
  • I subscribed to fluliaflox’s channel on YouTube. #
  • – So, let me get this straight… some guy dares people to kill him, and I do, and I’M the bad guy? Yeah I’m still not over it. #
  • – Screw blogging on MySpace tonight! Visit my website blog so I can make some money!!!! $$$$$ #
  • “Get on your knees and suck her(consciousness she represents) dick some more Eric Brooks.” #
  • – Be brutally honest with a drama blogger. Watch them go batshit insane and defend their e-honor everywhere. Hilarity ensues. #
  • – Still more time for some entries! #
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