Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-24

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  • – I really liked this one. A LOT. #
  • – I’d have to say the worst part about living back home with my mom again has got to be…. the smell. She’s been dead over 20 years now. #
  • -Share your funny family stories. #
  • – Excellent message. If you read and enjoyed Marian’s “Miracles” last night, you should read this too. #
  • I subscribed to musicfactorykaraoke’s channel on YouTube. #
  • JESUS SAVES! (my latest ad campaign for a local bank. Spiffy, huh?) #
  • – Got complaints? Stacey has connections. #
  • – Look who *I* found on the internet! 😮 #
  • – Blondes, gynecologists, and foreign language gaffes… lots of funny here! #
  • – Beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Visit for more. #
  • HAHA!!!! #
  • – Meet Mike B… new kid on the block. #
  • I subscribed to mztgood’s channel on YouTube. #
  • – From the gorgeous and talented TARA GOOD. Isn’t “like” grand? #
  • – Hulia busted snorting up the profits again! #
  • – MY GAWD YER ALL A BUNCH OF WHINERS ON MYSPACE. Maybe you should ask for your money back? #
  • – On the Air NOW – All the other kids are there, so I am on it like a pitbull on a plumbER! #
  • -Aw man… MySpace wont let me revive old mass emails tonight. What’s a bored gOdOfMiScHiEf to do??? #
  • is getting restless and time for a name change and new identity. I’m thinking ‘Les Moore’. Whaddya think? #
  • – Since email is taking forever to go out tonight. Yes my mass email is a joke. YEEEEEEESH #
  • – AHHHHHHH to wake up to 203 new emails in my myspace inbox. I’m feeling the LOVE!!!!! #
  • – I have real life buddies like this, and I’m sure they’d say the same of me in the ups and downs life and friendship c… #
  • Pimping out a good friend to many of us. Need a computer repaired? They come highly recommended. #
  • My inner child bullied you and took your lunch money too! (via Beth) #
  • Risk taker, thrill seeker, with a wild streak? Sweet little ol’ shy me? :^0 #
  • – I lol’d, but Bad Lisa is gonna f**king kill her when she gets back from her Klan meeting and sees this! #
  • – Gee and all this time I thought I was drawn to Bad Girls. :p #
  • HAHAHA! Aw come on… this profile and blogs were funny. Where is everyone’s sense of humor? #
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