Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-07

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  • – Do these THIEVES of type and thoughts, these pompous, plagiarizing pillagers of punctuation and prepositions KNOW WHA… #
  • – Q: What does Showstopper have in common with her plumber? | A: They’re both trying to save face. #
  • – Have a coke and a smile. 🙂 #
  • – If you are still undecided on who you are voting for (or don’t want your town destroyed)… Godzilla offers a solutio… #
  • – HAHAHA!!! I don’t care WHO you are, this is effing hilarious! #
  • – These two guys with Alzheimers walk into a bar, and… uhm I forgot the rest of the joke. #
  • – I’m getting deletion threats, all for being an incurable romantic (or maybe it’s the pics of Andrew is a dress.) Come… #
  • – So what happens when you replace the REAL Showstopper with a fake profile and her team is running her mouth for all t… #
  • So what happens when you replace the REAL Showstopper with a fake profile in her OWN email thread and her team is runni… #
  • – MANtana says is, so the rest of us guys don’t *HAVE* to. #
  • – He is here to help. Ask him any questions, and he will drive all the way to your home and answer them. (For entertain… #
  • – I f**king lol’d #
  • – “You move too soon. First rule in a crisis situation: Negotiate first and attack last.” #
  • – Remember, remember, the Fifth of November #
  • – A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having! #
  • – Once again, the lady is making sense and everyone should listen. Enough is enough with the personal information alrea… #
  • – And so concludes the end of another broadcast day. Thank you. We now return you all back to your normal, humdrum, bra… #
  • – All you cranky old geezers complaining. No wonder why MySpace wants to replace you all with a younger crowd. 3.0 and … #
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