Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-21

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  • – World Peace? SERIOUSLY? Have any of you thought it though and realized what a horrible idea that would be? #
  • – While I really don't want to add to the negativity and low morale over here… I'm sorry to say but I knew this truth… #
  • – White people and their f**king drama… *grumble, grumble, grumble* #
  • – You know what would make MySpace 3.0 totally rock? Getting rid of all the clutter in my stream from all the whiners complaining about 3.0. #
  • – Don't try no funny buUUuuuUUiiIIiiIIiiiiiizness… #
  • Hey! I'm watching all this girl-on-girl violence in the blogs and statuses lately. It's kind of hot. I like it. #
  • – Ohhhhh so I am on the menu for the "Pauly and Lisa with no conscience" tour, Bubb? LET THE GAMES BEGIN! You now have … #
  • – Calling all SEO experts. Let's help the man out with our accounts. I like Mike. He's good people. #
  • is now following Charles Manson #
  • is now following Ghengis Khan #
  • is now following Hannibal Lechter #
  • has repented and now following Jesus again #
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