Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-10

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  • To all the Facebook Fallen: With love from Harlean Carpenter – #
  • ????Twitter????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? #
  • I salute the fallen and Anon. #LongLivetheGreatStateofMANtana #
  • Ahhh I see now. I have no sympathy for anyone who hurts innocent people for their “causes”. #boycottFacebook #
  • #whycantyoujust stop making Helen Keller jokes? There is nothing funny about a girl who burns herself while answering the iron. #
  • So @gekoaz, @Tom_Carpenter, and @TerriDFZ walk into a bar… and the bar gets deleted. #LongLiveTheGreatStateofMANtana #
  • Wanna see Tweeting done right? –> @LisaLampanelli I love this woman! #
  • ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? #
  • ? 4Vixen (1 tracks) @mixpod #
  • To those spreading lies and vicious rumors about me, particularly about my mental state, I say… Fuck you! I’m the Emperor of Japan. #
  • The VP of MANtana delivers his first State of the Union Address. #
  • All Ur #pbsextape Am Belong to @StateofMANtana !!! #LongLiveTheGreatStateofMANtana #
  • 140 Character or less Update – Wedding, not sick anymore, incredibly happy, new computer is mindblowing, STILL Emperor of Japan. How R you? #
  • My latest book “13 Ways to Overcome Triscadecaphobia” seems to be sitting on shelves untouched for some reason. #
  • Oh and the guy who suggested making my “Overcoming Arachnophobia”, into a “pop-up” book? I hate you right now. Funny, but I hate you. #
  • #iwasthinkin we mix peanut butter, and chocolate, and then bacon…? What? Why are you all looking at me like that? #
  • Between her, C.C., and Harlean Carpenter, I may actually learn to appreciate poetry… she has been amazing lately. Cheā€¦ #
  • LOVE IS: Trying to constantly trying to win over and impress someone you already have under your spell. <3 #
  • LOVE IS: Constantly trying to win over and impress someone that you already have under your spell. <3 #
  • Strangely, I am in no rush to get back on FB. Just living in the moment and enjoying every second of it. #
  • played a song There’s Only One Way To Rock by Sammy Hagar on @Myspace #
  • Wouldn’t it be funny if you got up to Heaven and it was just filled with people you owed money to? #
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