Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-17

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  • I am keeping my FB page small and cozy to people I know personally, but kindly "like" my biz page where most of my anti… #
  • Don't mind me. Want to see if my tweets will go on my biz page. #
  • Hey I really like that map right to my house that's on my Facebook biz page. Come and get me freako's… what's the worst that can happen? #
  • I love how half the "Similar to You" people that show up on my Twitter page are former friends that hate my guts for no valid reason… #
  • This week's BFF Inspiration # 94 : Reflections by Diana Ross and the Supremes. #
  • You people posting in #agoodboyfriend need 2 lay off the Cosmo magazines, & just bend your girl over when she least expects it. Seriously. #
  • YAY! I finally got to see the wedding pics today! And no I wouldn't make them public. FB can delete me now… who cares? #
  • I have just been diagnosed a kleptomaniac. My doctor wants me to take something for it. #
  • Next person to tell me to 'Grow Up!' in this restaurant is gonna get hit with a spitball. #
  • Next person to tell me to 'Grow Up!' in this restaurant is gonna get a spitball in their hair. Where the hell are my crayons??? #
  • Milli Vanilli is trending today? SERIOUSLY? #WTF #
  • #FF #MANtana @AStolenCherry @Amused_always @Mind_Your_Cents @kaffeeklatch @Jozzelle @AntiHalo @sweetnina69 @wholietta @mayet666 #
  • #FF #MANtana @MetalLustQueen @CrazedMinx @LoriGVW @Jim_n_Texas @KarenColumbus @misswyoming1 @VXEN4urVP @bsconfectionary @TaraGoodz #
  • #FF #MANtana @corey_nix @CloMre @bethmischief @MommaNayNay @adolfhepburn @wesmantoddshaw @MikkiBomber @Tara_Good @TehEvilPenguin @Coqueto #
  • #FF #MANtana @MoreAlyssa @TehPaulyZOMG @Bethycutiepie13 @calvingirl2329 @Tom_Carpenter @TerriDFZ @DocGonzoPHD @StateofMANtana @Matthew_67 #
  • #FF #MANtana @gekoaz @StephanIgnat @anvillain (did i miss anyone?) #
  • #FF WebGods: @stonebryson @leeanders @NakedNurse @zeldman @OfficialSlowJoe @Chadthreesixty @TheBig80sBitch @Linkmeister @batiekear #
  • #FF women on my list i have had sex with: …. oh FML! #
  • #FF Really, REALLY Pretty Redhead WebGoddesses: @VXEN4urVP #
  • #FF People i am having fun watching here: @JuztJeff @VXEN4urVP @AStolenCherry @venomous1913 @WildChild69 @CrazedMinx @OfficialSlowJoe #
  • #FF ppl w/overdue library books, but let it slide cuz they're cute 🙂 @CrazedMinx @VXEN4urVP @brenda_r @bethmischief @VannaBanana01 @M_n_M #
  • #FF People that I know what they did last Summer: @TheBig80sBitch @autumnlee88 @carlinniss @jennsonthego @KaleenaProject #
  • #FF People that KNOW that I know what they did Last Summer (but really don't GAF): @AutumnLeeOnline @B_GuILtY @jane_bot @sovietdisco #
  • OMG… this is friggin' HILARIOUS! #
  • There are three kinds of people in this world: Those that can count and those that cant. #
  • Just… perfect… #
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