Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-17

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  • #ihavenotolerance for people that tweet some stupid hashtag just because it’s trending and they want 2 be noticed! (PS: FOLLOW ME!) #
  • Yep… first time I ever saw @jane_bot , I thought “Yep, she’s ‘special’ alright…” *RUNS* #
  • Me: (Ordering Calamari tonite) | Her: “I’ve seen enough Hentai 2 know where THIS is going…” | <3 God, she’s PERFECT 4 me! <3 #
  • Been working out and bench-pressing with a curling iron all morning. So far, no results, but not giving up. #BEEEEEEEEEFCAAAAAAAAAAAKE #
  • Mass Deletions are starting again on Facebook. Here is my Google+ account. I wont be going back 2 FB if deleted. #
  • ‘I may not agree w/ what u have to say, but I will send a look-a-like flunkie in to fight to the death 4 ur right 2 say it’ ~EB as Voltaire #

  • I work with blind kids. This week, I hired a Mime to entertain them for an hour. Not one single ‘thank you’ from the little ingrates. 🙁 #
  • RT @HellenKeller ‘MISSING: Dog. Answers to the name HRRRRUURRRRUHHH’ #
  • RT @HellenKeller ‘Gotta go to the hospital. Burned myself answering the iron again’ #
  • This is Tweet #2 000 for me. Enjoy it. Savor it. Let it roll around in your palate. Was it good for u too? #gawdItalk2much #
  • I had to look up ‘smh’ as it’s so weird seeing White women using it now. I honestly thought it was a teeth clucking, ‘pfft!’ sound effect. #
  • HAHA! RT @wrrnrice: @EricBrooksCom Lemmy parked in Chuck Norris parking spot,Chuck didn’t say shit to Lemmy about it,you blame him? #
  • likes Kristina White’s photo /via @myspace #
  • I work with amputee children… at least I used to. Who knew you could get fired for singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it” with them? #
  • ‘PUT YOUR HANDS UP IN THE AIR… AND WAVE ‘EM LIKE YOU JUST DON’T CARE’ – And 15 other things you should never say at a Leper Colony. #

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