Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-14

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  • I’m seeing stars right now. Laying on my lawn, looking at the night sky… then the kid next door threw a brick over the fence. o_O #
  • Video: Haterz517 is confronted in school by an annoying Jewish kid named Marti Cohn. Hilarity ensues. – #
  • Bad Business Idea # 2,689 – That time I took over a Summer Camp for Jewish kids and renamed the place ‘Mein Camp’ #
  • Next project will be revamping my old parody of AOL with 3D animated characters. Stay Tuned. #
  • With everyone gone for the Summer, i have been behind the scenes stockpiling content, and fine-tuning and automating my site. #
  • NEW MEDICAL DISCOVERY: Attention Deficit Disorder can be cured by… OOH LOOK A SQUIRREL! :^o #
  • ‘But thank you for the pain. It made me raise my game’ – Jessie J: Who’s Laughing Now? 😀 #
  • I was down in my lab, working on my clone, when I got some bad news. I was beside myself in sadness. #
  • Markkram1969: – UGH! My clone says he’s the better looking one and when I take a swing at him, he goes “Hey, don’t beat urself up, man!” #
  • [TUTORIAL] Display your favorite Tweets using PHP and jQuery – #EricBrooks Com #PHP #jQuery #
  • Someone just told me I should do Stand Up … only we were ducked behind a car in the middle of a shootout when he said it. #
  • #FF I wish funnyman @Donkey_Sosa would stop flirting and just follow me already. It’s not like I’ll copy his tweets…again. #
  • Jeez am I *THAT* obvious? :p RT @jane_bot: Cute how men who bump up against you in a crowd will direct their “Excuse me” to your ass. #
  • My birthday is in 9 days. In case you want to save up and buy me stuff. #

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