Typical Male

I was supposed to find our more about this Wet T-shirt contest, but I fell asleep. (I know, I know. Typical male).

Here’s More info. (There’s talk about money going to breast cancer research too. which I think is a cool idea.)

Here’s Round Two.

I certainly hope the shit currently being flung in another corner of the web is something new, not another lame attempt to drudge up old wounds, and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) not involving me. I said I was moving on, and I did.

Last summer was a rough one for everyone, we all let off a little steam online, and the mature people are back on speaking terms with each other again. Personally, I had a lot of fun over the summer, and I hope we all get to do it again! :0)

The web is not my life. I *STILL* find real life far more interesting.
The war goes on, and I could give two shits less about *ANYONE’S* feelings. Mine especially (Hell, my feelings stopped mattering years ago!.)

If you can dare to compare people’s bad health, losing parents, being unemployed, losing custody, and whatever else to some stupid blog entry about you…


*steps down from soapbox to find more wet-t shirt pics. *

7 thoughts on “Typical Male

  1. I don’t know, but I’m beginning to appreciate why e seems to visit so many weblogs. What a noble soul to bring to our attention such worthwhile charity events.

  2. I hope it stays that way, Nico… I don’t know. Just getting a bad feeling, and I’ve got better things to do right now (like get rich, rebuild my empire, get with wife’s site up & running as the November promos start running today.).

    Ain’t it great, John?
    Get some folding chairs for me & Nico, I’ll go buy the first round.

  3. Nah… I need a challenge in my life.
    And I think everybody’s gonna like all the new stuff planned… especially if some of you guys have online businesses. Stuff is really coming together… And 2003 is gonna rock for all of us!

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