Ever meet someone who asks several things of you…

…and if you happen to miss accomplishing just one, they make you feel like you shouldn’t have done anything at all? Conveniently forgotten everything you’ve done for them so they can paint you as a spawn of Satan to get sympathy FROM others?

I’m surrounded by people like that every day.
People who are all too ready to believe the worst about me too.
No matter how outlandish. It’s me. They can’t stand me… ergo it MUST be true.

On the web, it’s really no biggie, because when an idiot comes here off of another site talking smack about me… I know their minds are already made up, so who cares what they think? Really. They’re morons with no “real world experience” for just taking in one side of a story and hailing it as “gospel truth” anyway. Usually I turn it around and make it a publicity stunt… because I, quite frankly, could care less what assholes in CyberSpace think.

In real life, however, it hurts like hell.

I suppose if “forgiveness” means not beating the fuck out of someone who’s wronged me, I suppose I’m a pretty forgiving guy. The problem stems FROM the fact that I wouldn’t know what “being forgiven” is, even if it tapped me on the shoulder and said “Hi! I’m Forgiveness… it’s nice to finally MEET you.”

I don’t expect people to forgive me for anything anyway. Whether real or imagined. I gave up on people a long time ago.

I find more and more lately after someone finally steps out of the two-week long rumor mill to ask my side of the story…

I simply shrug my shoulders and tell them to “believe what you want”.
Hell, they made up their mind long before that. I already know this.

No specifics, and I don’t want to hear FROM anyone.
It’s just something I needed to let out.

The rest I’ll keep bottled up, and will deal with it on my own.
There are so many people in real life I hate right now it’s not even funny.
But for now, it’s just best I keep my mouth shut.

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