Vatican assault on DaVinci Code

Theologian calls novel insulting ‘sack full of lies’

Nothing spells “desperation and distraction” more than a Vatican assault on a book that’s already been out for two years.

‘This book is a sack full of lies against the Church, against the real history of Christianity and against Christ himself,’ said Bertone, archbishop of northern Genoa.

“REAL history??!!??!?” Does he really wanna go there? The Cathars also believed that Jesus and Mary Magdelene had a thing going on and they were exterminated by the Catholic Church for it in the Middle Ages.

Current history (or should I say scandals) don’t make them look too good either, when you think about it.

I, for one, have always thought religion *SHOULD* be discussed in school. When I was a kid, and we learned about the civil rights movement, we were sick with guilt over how we (as a society) treated people…. imagine if we covered the church’s bloody history and control? That would do far more damage than not talking about it.

The soon-to-be-pope doesn’t cover all the “lies” that were in the book. I largely suspect Cardinal Bertone has never even read it.

I thought the book kicked ass. It shined paganism in a new light, cleared up many misconceptions (like the pentacle/pentagram, sexual hangups instilled by religion), and if you ask me… that’s the part that threatens them the most.

Earlier Wednesday, when asked on Vatican Radio about commentary that the book’s success is ‘only further proof of the fact that anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice,’ the cardinal exclaimed. ‘It’s the truth.’

Oh, the manufactured outrage! This is the fifth “last acceptable prejudice” I’ve heard this week.

Not like Satanists, Wiccans, Jews, Gays, Muslims and Chicago Cubs fans have to walk through an apache line of misconceptions and prejudices every day of their life, right?

4 thoughts on “Vatican assault on DaVinci Code

  1. OUCH! Vatican got a bad rep heh? *LOL* WOOW!!! Yah, I too think religion oughta be discussed in schools but we got some uptight butt heads in our country that got something gainst religion in school…makes ya wonder? Can they handle the real truth or something close to the real truth or not?

    Anyways, Vatican sure got a SCANDALOUS rep! Religion…complicated subject of discussion for many…very complicated…some just can’t handle the real truth or care to discuss it more detail certain religious topics as to what actually happen back in the day of Jesus and Mary…

    We are only left to learning these things on our own by doing our own research and go on our own faith and believe…or shall I say what our gutt feeling says…must be true…dunno…hard to explain but religion like many other fragile delicate topics is a very complicated and complex topic to many…and it really shouldn’t be…we should open our eyes to the truth and look to learn more not close our eyes to the truth and run from learnin more…

  2. Damn, he’s slow…I remember when I had cable and would watch EWTN for kicks…there was this Catholic woman on totally trashing the book…and doing a much thorough job of it too…

    and this “Catholic Predjudice” thing? Hmm…that sounds just like what the Fundies claim…and the Fundies don’t like Catholics….

    besides, if Jesus was a good Jewish boy, he *would* have been married….

  3. Christianity: “In case of persecution, BREAK GLASS”. I see this pattern with Fundies, Catholics and even the NRA with their “imaginary liberal that wants to take their guns away”. They get a common enemy (real or imagined) and throw everyone in a crisis, that forces them to band together.

    As for Jesus, I refer again to the Gospel of the Holy 12 (the original book of Matthew… see verse 13), it says he was married at 18 to a woman named Miriam for seven years, and he was widowed.

    The question is… without the church dictating morals, is pre-marital sex a sin? In 1st Century Judea people traditionally entered “test marriages”, there was lots of nookie going on. Joseph and Mary were merely engaged when she was with child.

  4. And the immaculate conception thing can be considered pre-marital sex with God, so really then, pre-marital sex must be ok…:)

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