Virgin Marys gone WILD!

The Vaginal MarySomeone posted this picture on the Pocono Forums. Supposedly the Virgin Mary appearing on an underpass in Chicago.

Well, you know… it didn’t quite look like the Virgin Mary. (Well, at least not any part of her body that we would normally see!) I was beginning to worry that maybe EVERYTHING looks like a woman’s vagina to me now.

It’s been so friggin’ long that I’m actually amazed that I remember what one looks like!

Well it appears I wasn’t the only one who thought this Marian Apparition looked like a HooHa:
Chicago Virgin Mary Highway Vagina
(NOT work safe! Worse than THIS POST! Why the hell are you goofing off at work, anyway?)

It’s bad enough I’ve been walking around noticing that in all the statues of the Virgin Mary that she has those small, perky breasts I like so much.

I mean, it’s completely INAPPROPRIATE to think of the mother of Jesus as the “Ultimate MILF“(!!!), ain’t it?

It’s a sign from God.
I have strayed away too long.
One more Vaginal Apparition, and I will become a Catholic!

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