Voting (For more than just a President, you know)

I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but this Friday (Oct 8th) Monday (Oct 4th) is the last day you can register to vote for the election in PA. Rules are also exceptionally tighter this year as things such as ID and proof of address may be required at the polls in November.

The good news is that the funding for those newfangled electronic voting machines (that neither side seems to trust) fell through here and I’ll have one of those old, reliable levers to yank.

I saw a comment recently where one voter is not even going to bother because they’re in a solid Red state. There may be someone out there that feels the same way because they’re in a solid Blue state.

To them I say, well that’s you’re choice, of course, but bear this in mind: There is a lot more on that ballot than just who’s running for President… one way or another your vote DEFINITELY counts there. Your local government will affect your life FAR MORE than who ends up in the White House.

  • You may leave a corrupt judge on the bench who you may eventually face
  • A state representative fighting for you may lose his seat
  • A proposition that may grant your local police or fire department funding for equipment that may save your life
  • The incumbent county supervisor will stay on to raise your property taxes through the roof (and of course, your uneducated ass will probably blame the President for it like he’s the end-all-be-all of government).
  • Me? I got a senator to vote out (yes for once I’m listening to Ann Coulter). Personally, I can’t get past him discouraging Clinton against trying to kill Osama bin Laden with missles back in 1998, claiming it was “merely a distraction FROM the Monica scandal”.

    And no, it’s not Rick Santorum… but trust me, when his turn comes, you can count on me to do the right thing. :0)

    3 thoughts on “Voting (For more than just a President, you know)

    1. I tried to do the trackback thing, but for some wierd reason, my MT doesn’t like to do it…

      anywho, I totally agree…RI’s last day was saturday…you can still register here, but you can only vote for president and vice president if you register late…

    2. FL last day is Monday, and you can bet I’ve changed my registration information to reflect my new home state! I’ll be damned if I let someone try to change the constitution to discriminate against me without saying anything about it (lets just hope this state has the kinks worked out in the voting process LOL)

    3. People who ‘don’t bother’ to vote in elections should just shut up when the government starts doing things in ways they don’t like. I’m tired of hearing about people who can’t bother to vote. There is so much of that here as well!

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