Wanted: Comic Book writers

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I know, I know… the artists get all the glory. In fact, my dream as a kid was to be an artist for Marvel Comics.

Then I found out how much money they made, and I had to find a new dream. Fast.

I’ll just borrow this straight FROM the Animotions Newsletter:

Got comics in your blood? You could be making money doing them!
Do you have a great story that needs illustrating? Are you a super 2D or 3D artist in search of a good story to illustrate? Or are you just waiting for a venue to sell your own comic in?

There’s a market out there for good stories. Get the details here.

So if anyone’s interested in writing for indy comics, there’s a whole discussion on at Animotions . It’s a 3-d community (like Renderosity) dedicated to comics, superheroes, anime, fantasy, etc.

Membership required (free, of course).

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One reply on “Wanted: Comic Book writers”

  1. Thank God someone like you has taken the time to make a website like this. I’ve been writing a story for almost 5 years now and with your website, I may actually be able to find an artist or some help to making my episodes come to life. Thanks a million and keep rocking!

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