WASSUP Elian????

Fuckin’ Tom! Can’t leave him alone for five minutes, and he gets in trouble! The web is all abuzz again over legal eagles busting the little guys chops….Tom Fulp’s NewGrounds.Com and Playboy.Com designer, Sean Bonner, have both been hit with “Cease & Desist” letters from the Associated Press … Over that silly “Elian Wassap?” movie….

Well… once again let’s FUCK with the people that make the web… you’d think they all learned from the e-toys saga.

Now we’re ALL playing the movie. It’s not only running here, but on Ratbastard.org , Playboy.Com, and at least 20 other sites as of today….and I’m sure the list will grow…

Tom Fulp of NewGrounds, happens to be a good friend of mine (not that he’s a stranger to controversy…”Assassin” has been blamed for everything from Columbine High School to the ’29 Stock Market Crash)… he was the creator of the Furby Screensaver in my Free Stuff section… and he’s always there for me when I’m stuck with a shockwave question. So bring on the “Cease & Desists”… we’re ALL ready!

This parody is clearly covered by the “Fair Use Act“, and it’s another case of lawyers going after people who can’t afford to call their bluff….Personally, I think Tom explained it best on his site….

Wanna see the movie again?

I have been craving a Budweiser ever since that movie came out!

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