I made this crazy lil' guy for a business called "La Tortilla Loca" a few years back
It’s raining, damp and dismal here in the Poconos…
BUT HEY…. IT’S TRES DE MAYO!!!!!! Partaaaaaay!!!!!

I’m sure I’m opening up a can of worms here… but I always loved Webbieworld.

For those that don’t remember in 2001, I got busted by two pathetic individuals with too much time on their hands for cheating my way INTO the top spot at Webbieworld, a portal by programming guru Mark McConnell.

I got kicked out of one registration, but I was registered in two spots. I always knew about the other one, and I’ve gotten a considerable amount of traffic FROM the other account… but I didn’t want to push it, considering I apologized to Mark, and it just seemed like using that one would seem like thumbing my nose at him.

Like a statement I made when I was busted for shoplifting once: “I was caught and I am sorry.” :0)

Anyway, It’s back with a kickass new design.

Well if you’re ever bored, go check the place out.
And well since the two nasty snitches don’t want anything to do with the place anymore, I have my other button up.

Vote for Me!!!!
Feel free to vote for me & then register your site at Webbieworld…. you won’t be sorry.

And Mark… maybe my email got lost or something, but I really am sorry about, uhm, you know… that stuff.

EricBrooks.Com® – Yes, I’m a problem adult…. but you KNOW you wouldn’t have it any other way. :0)

2 thoughts on “Webbieworld

  1. I’ll see if I can visit Webbieworld later.

    Hey, we are all problem adults dude…..VX, Vit S,…. bloodclaat…is there anything else to live for!? 😉

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