Weekend Surf Picks

  • Personality Creations – Jackie Capps is another phenomenally talented lady. Packed with clip art, craft tips, games… if you somehow manage to get through everything that site has to offer, you can send personalized letters for all occasions at her other site, All Letters.Com… a definite site worth bookmarking to return around the Holidays for the kids (Don’t worry, I’ll remind you… Actually, I’m reminding you NOW!!!).
  • DaVinci Graphics Gallery – It’s been said that DaVinci knows more about Adobe Photoshop than the folks who’ve designed it. Best known for designing the logo for The Phrozen Crew site, I’ve gotta say, DaVinci is my design idol!!!! Packed with high-resolution graphics in this portfolio, may take a while to load… but definitely worth it!!!! Tons of great tutorials to make you a PhotoShop Master in no time!
  • Stephanie Schaff’s Kick-Ass Website – Another sweet soul who has signed my guestbook. Features her family, an ode to a really lucky guy, and great photos from her trip to Rome for World Youth Day 2000. Check ’em out!
  • AleciaLand– A great personal page packed with pearls of wisdom like : “If your mother hates your small dog, keep her away from the vacuum.”, “Reading what big kids scratch on desks can teach you a lot.”, and “The name Eric is forever reserved for those with off-the-charts hottness aptitude .”Yeah… I like this site. A lot! :0)
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