Weekend Surf Picks

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Will resume next weekend with a load of cool stuff… just too busy!

Quote of the week:
“I am turning into one of those jerks who is “too busy” to answer his email. The tragic truth is that I am too busy. ”
– Jeffrey Zeldman –

Moi? I’ve always been a jerk, so that was never a problem. But the fact is, *I* have spent very little time online since the end of October (The full story coming to a SoApBoX near you real soon).

Lately I have been very involved in Do It Right Construction: Writing proposals, going on sales, making TurboCad drawings for permits, watching the Britney Spears nipple video, and playing Carole’s attorney and business partner (since obviously neither of them were worth a shit). See you all real soon & if you wrote me recently, expect a reply in the next few months & know I still love you, ok?

Your CyberPal,

P.S.: You crack me up! :0)

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