Weird phone call day

Well, it’s official… Skarlet is my first official ping for her “Weird Phone calls“.

Only three people in the entire country *DIDN’T* know yesterday was a National Holiday…

…and they *ALL* seemed to find her.

I do believe today’s message came darn close though. It was anonymous left to our editor, which I had to hear in case the story ran on the web. It involves the closing of a chain of stores and the photo had an employee crying at the prospect of losing her job:

The phone call:
“I can’t believe you put a BLACK WOMAN on your front page!!! I swear to God, I’ll never buy your paper again if you don’t remember that WHITE PEOPLE come first…. those goddamn Blacks are ruinin’ everything here!!!”

Of course my only response was “well, a ‘heil hitler’ to you too, sir!”, followed by much laughter and jokes involving generations of inbreeding by our staff.

We will miss his patronage… as well as “Mr. Bunker’s” wit and wisdom.

Aw hell, we were also called “Socialists” in the “Letters to the Editors” page today, because we all think Ashcroft is a totalitarian asswipe (my words, not the papers. I’m paraphrasing.)

The phone call was anonymous, of course.
And if it makes a difference to anyone out there, the woman was Puerto Rican, not Black. I know her.

Welcome to 1950’s Mississippi.
*pops alka seltzer, yet still can’t control the giggling over stoopidity*

4 thoughts on “Weird phone call day

  1. Finally comments again… Jeez!!!
    I was all lazy today, didn’t put pics on the news site.

    Until that phone call… then I put her photo up to piss people off. :0)

    “and jokes involving generations of inbreeding by our staff.”
    I would like to stress, in case that line was misunderstood… we made *JOKES* about inbreeding (well, ok, I did.) To the best of my knowledge, none of us on the staff are “inbreds”. :0)

  2. I was listening to this story yesterday (audio link at the top) on NPR. I’ve heard it a couple times and it always gets me right in the gut.

    I’m ashamed to live in a country where such racism could be considered acceptable. But I’m proud to live in a country where such color-blind kindness could exist. When I lived in the south I was always shocked when I ran across racism. Not because it was so ignorant, but because of the obviousness that people seemed to give the idea.

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