Welcome to the END of the WORLD

Well the party is going on in FULL swing in Hell, Michigan today (6/6/6). We’re all having a good time until that icky Antichrist comes along and spoils our fun.

Unless you’re lucky enough to win a free seat on the Rapture Express.
Are you ready for the end times?

Actually. You haven’t been paying attention to my rants have you? If you did, then you know you missed “The Beast” (by about 2,000 years.). John was referring to Nero in Revelations. And well… if you were a 90 year old tortured and locked up in prison, you’d write some pretty gloomy stuff too! And the concept of the “Rapture” was made up in the 1840’s, right after “The Great Disappointment“.

Fact is, Satanists don’t believe in some anthropomorphic devil either, much less some flunkie of his to end the world.

They want to party as much as we do! 😀
And you know, any excuse for a good party…..

Update: Machine Head went to the “Devil Day” party in Hell… and he took pics!

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