Well, I’m not quite sure

Well, I’m not quite sure if I’m welcome here anymore but I wanted to point a few things out.

1. The original intention of my post was to point out how Beermary has a track record of mis-reading things and attacking people. It’s now a train wreck gone out of control.

2. Donna and I were two *completely different* incidents totally unrelated to this “anti-gay” thread disaster.

3. Calling someone on my site an asshole makes you no better than these guys swinging off my chandelier and dropping banana peels on my floors right now.

4. I’ve stood by Matt’s remarks in my comments.

I’m not sure where you got the impression that I was delinking you, but I happen to enjoy your topics and your insight, as you’ve been around the block. Whether you wish to write off a slew of us over one topic gone awry… well, that’s your decision, and I’ll respect that.

Maybe it’s the heat. I know I’ve really been edgy the past couple of weeks.

Don’t get up. I know the way out…

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