…were greatly exaggerrated!

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Well the old Bushwick gang is resting easy, as an email just came through to all of us that Elias is alive & well in Florida!

The past nerve-wracking 30-something hours, consisting of us making calls to the morgue, The Daily News, police-friends pulling strings, and tons of comforting emails (one of whom included Patti )… It all finally came to an end as someone finally got in touch with him tonight… He’s touched to find out that we all still love him after all these years.

Heh heh… he’s "touched"…
I’m gonna fuckin’ kill him myself! :0)

I thank each and every one of you for your concern, and I apologize for returning such a small minority of email. But I do appreciate your thoughts, prayers and words of hope and comfort. Of course, I offer my heartfelt condolences to the other Diaz family for their loss….having shared it for a brief while.

We’re off to Florida to kick his ass now. See you in a few days.:0)
We love ya man… don’t ever do that to us again!


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