What the hell was that???

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I’ve been slaving away on a work related project (at home, as usual… I don’t think the kids would even know who I am, unless I showed them the back of my head.)

It’s for the election, so I needed to scour my sources for clip art like a flag, eagles & stuff.

Have you ever seen a bald eagle up close?
Oh. my. fucking. gawd. They’re all over the Poconos… and they’re HUGE!

It reminded me of a few weeks ago while heading in to Stroudsburg. I thought some kid was screwing with us with one of those big toy planes…

Hell no. It was an eagle with, I could swear, a six or seven foot wing span. And he was carrying his breakfast in his talons (I think it was a buffalo), and he’s swooping in to try and DROP it in front of our car as we’re on I-80.

I guess he wanted his food flattened or grilled or something.
Holy crap. Bad enough the deer are trying to kill us.

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5 replies on “What the hell was that???”

  1. I’ve seen golden eagles up close, and I thought that was pretty impressive, but I’ve never seen a bald eagle though…sounds pretty wicked!

    I saw the eagles in California…all we have in RI are hawks….

  2. We have Bald Eagles living along the river here in town and to be honest I never think about their size. I guess they would be huge if your only reference were Starlings!

  3. yes, and have never seen anything more awe inspiring…plus I have pictures of them all over my house (go figure that I collect eagles LOL) also have clip art on my HD if you would like me to pass them along to see if there’s anything you can use?

  4. Moe: Oh, boy! The deep fryer’s here. Heh heh, I got it used FROM the navy. You can flash-fry a buffalo in forty seconds.

    Homer: Forty seconds? But I want it now!

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