Whatever happened to… moi?

I know it seems like I’ve dropped off the face of the web lately. I sorta did… A lot of good friends have been worried, so I’ll give you a quick recap of what’s going on in my section of CyberTown:

  • I’ve been in full swing making logos, layouts and original artwork for a company in Arizona. Would love to tell you more, but they’re in the process of trademarking and patenting their products… so I really can’t yet…. SORRY!
  • Also creating ads and a media blitz in the Poconos for Carole’s Home Remodeling Company
  • Another scary week for the Tribe Called Brooks, involving Lawyers, Constables, Magistrates and other legal bullshit (and we’re told this will be the next two years of our lives…). Again, legal stuff… can’t talk about it.
  • I’ve cut off most of the middle-of-my-back-length hair ’cause I Goddamn felt like it.. Actually, I’ve been told I look younger and better-looking, between that and my radical new (heh heh) “crash diet”… lost 40lbs in a month and a half so far.

Weekend Surfing Picks…

  • No Chef Rocks yer Donkey! – By up & coming designer Shawn McBee (aka “SpoogE”) & I’m proud as hell of this guy. It’s the official website of the Sarasota Rock band, No Chef… and well, they rock your donkey!!!! Currently featuring band bios, lyrics and concert dates (MP3’s and merchandise coming soon!)Bonus page: I wish SpoogE a speedy recovery from his recent accident (setting his hand on fire to impress a girl)… he has re-created the horrifying incident in this hysterical Flash Animation.
  • Printfont– Another fun charity project by Jo aka The Webmistress currently on display are the handwriting fonts of Jeffrey Zeldman, Heather Champ, Daniel (Waferbaby), Miz Kitty and a few other cool web designers. All of their favorite charities are listed. Available in PC and Mac formats. Great to have, in case one of their checks should happen to land in your mailbox by accident… (heh heh, I get Zeldman’s all the time….).My font comes out next month (that’s a lot of hard work to make fonts, you know!), but you can’t use it to cash *MY* checks, because that would be wrong, ok? :0)Also…..
  • Women’s Font Collective – Another great brainchild of Jo’s whose time has come. We all know Ray Larabie and Chank… but what about all the great female fontographers????? They’re all featured right here with a ton of talented ladies. Been meaning to feature this site for months.Oh, and Jo? I’ve been waiting three years for Lance Arthur to return my email… so don’t feel bad. :0)
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