What’s coming up in 1984… uhm, I mean 2004

My stats are ridiculously low… at least here on WHUZZUP. I hear that same complaint on a lot of blogs I visit too. Like people went off on summer vacation, and never came back. (Most likely it’s “Supply and Demand”. I couldn’t *possibly* visit every site I link to in one sitting. And I’m sure I’ve pissed off everyone at this point to insure I’m not a “must read” anywhere.)

Elsewhere, my stats dictate it’s painfully obvious that the people want escapism and entertainment.

You may think I’m out of my mind for saying this… but I’m relieved.
This takes the pressure off of me HAVING to write here constantly. I have way better things to do, like unroll a 2004 redesign (or three with a “skinning option”), make much-needed repairs on my fonts, free stuff, and e-cards sections… bring back the “The Guestbook FROM Hell”.

And most of all, not have to discuss politics. I hate talking politics.
It turns people off as much as my flame wars did.

2004 Predictions: If you thought blogland was ugly with the Iraq war… you ain’t seen nothing yet. The Presidential race will be the nastiest viper pit of mudslinging, and emotionally immature and ignorant turdfest imaginable, and the web will definitely be one of the frontlines.

As much as I’d love to slam back at all of the “bad asses” who are just beginning to be aware of world events, and are suddenly “experts”… I’d rather leave that to the pros.

Nov 15th, 2001: Bush addresses the nation on the "OTHER" Axis of Evil
Being nasty will only backfire in the end. My strategy will not be one of viciousness (sorta), but rather the grand American tradition of satire and warped humor. Much like my “Breaking News Report” of when Bush launched an air attack and annhilated half of Sesame Street (when Bert’s involvement with Osama bin Laden was uncovered two years ago. “Operation: Rubber Duckie”. Remember that? Too bad, it was a classic. It’s gone now.).

When you have a guy seeking to rule the free world who was best known for waving at Stevie Wonder… it’s almost too easy.

(Ok, he didn’t *really* do that… but admit it, the visual image just made you giggle. I heard it.)

Sick of HAVING your patriotism questioned? Tired of the right-wing bullies?
I feel my comment on Bad Attitudes Journal bears repeating:

[Gov. Howard] Dean is like a modern-day “Man of Steel”, the harder they hit him, the harder the bullets bounce. I wish I could vote him in as President in right now (Bear in mind I am FAR FROM a Liberal or Democrat).

Talk about “honesty” and “dodging issues”, Dean has 16 Questions for President Bush… I’d be amazed if he answered one.

10.2 Months is a long time, and the public is very fickle with a short memory. It’s still anybody’s race.

Again, I stress this is merely my opinion.
Vote for whoever you want… as I most certainly will.
But please register to vote, and exercise this priviledge.

EricBrooks.Com® – I’m not “anti-war”. I’m “anti-**THIS**-war”. Believe it or not, there is a difference.

21 thoughts on “What’s coming up in 1984… uhm, I mean 2004

  1. I originally had BushFlash linked in this post. I get there and he’s got the CNN clip with the words “Disgusting!” right under the photo of a soldier.

    Yeah, I got a problem with that.

    This “CNN clip” was previously discussed quite a bit on Rev. Mykeru’s site… and we all came to the conclusion that there may have been more to that scene than we know of (Think “Rodney King”). Not to mention a discussion at The Urban Legends Message Board. And it’s looking more and more like it’s a splice job to make it look like an illegal killing.

    I was one of many people who were disgusted by the crap that warbloggers pulled on Eric Blumrich a week or two back… Normally I enjoy this site (and I don’t want to throw out the baby with the bathwater), but I think this is going too far, and I can’t back trashing the troops for any reason.

    Dude, wtf?

  2. Oh, jeebus; 10.2 months of cam”pain”ing?
    Where did I put that loaded gun? My dog keeps dragging it off…
    Thank you for being you, e. I look forward to your running commentary to save me FROM hurting myself during the upcoming election year. 🙂

  3. It’s going to be entertaining, Kate. I’m in somewhat of a “win/win” situation.

    People whom I disagree with (though I have nothing against them personally) will make monkeys of themselves. And all of the Liberal weenies that were so quick to denounce me as a racist over a careless comment I made back in April will be eaten alive.

    Wait until you see my “Bush/The Draft ’04: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet” ads… tee hee!

  4. Dude, if I had to agree with everyone I read, I’d shut down my browser and play MOHAA all day.

    I still read ya (and agree with you most of the time).

  5. -e-, I’ve been reading you for a while, and I think we share similar views on many issues, perhaps that’s why I ‘hang’ with you. Similarly to how we choose our friends… we may disagree with them sometimes, but in many cases we share things in common.

    You want to send you stats up….post pics of porn dude! 🙂 I’ll certainly CHECK for them (in addition to your usual posts). (Just a suggestion.)

    Learned a new word FROM you…..’turdfest’. Love it rude bwoy. Take care.

  6. Dude, if I had to agree with everyone I read, I’d shut down my browser and play MOHAA all day.

    Well, dude… that’s the “mature” approach. In the real world, who agrees with *anyone* 100%??? I do think it’s natural to gravitiat toward more like-minded people, and I certainly don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

    You want to send you stats up….post pics of porn dude! 🙂

    WHAT??? Objectify women just for the sake of hits???

    I would never do that!!!!
    (Well, actually, it was because I had a very stong female base here, so I never did it. Of course that changed after I posted I pictures of myself [damn, chicks are SO shallow!]… guess I got nothing to lose now!)

    Man…some guys can have Paris. I want Nicole Ritchie in the WORST way! :0)

    But still… I’d rather start “uncommitting myself” to so many causes, and really build this site up for a major comeback this year. My goal was just to rebuild this site and re-establish myself in 2003, and I think I accomplished that goal (with a large part of thanks to friends like you guys).

  7. I CHECK on you frequently…and you have never pissed me off that I can remember. I might not always agree with everything, but the world would be a really boring place if we all agreed all the time, wouldn’t it? Hope you and your famly have a wonderful holiday.

  8. E, it’s good to see ya even if your stats are low. Mine are too, but I ahve been so busy with my advice column on louisvillemojo.com, adn my new job,I have little time. Best wishes to you and your family!

  9. I could see that if they decided in all their infinite liberal wisdom to give the nomination to Gephardt, Sharpton or Lieberman…

    If that happened, even *I’d* vote for Bush (where did they find those guys? Yeesh!)

    Kerry and Kuchinch would be creamed by Bush, I’d give you that.

    And guys, I really don’t hope you didn’t take this as a “nobody visits me anymore” whinefest… I CHECK in on you guys every once in a while, but not as much as I’d like due to business myself.

    Sue, Rah… you know I love you guys.
    Geoffrey too. But more like in a “prison” sorta way though. :0)

  10. I can’t believe you link to Bushflash.. Seriously. I don’t care who you support in the election, that guy is a hater. He’s the kind of guy that looks for a cause just to hate.

    I’m not talking about slamming someone, or insulting them, or smearing them. I’m talking HATRED. He habitually disgraces the troops. So much so Kucinich has asked him to pull some of his ads.

  11. I don’t link to him. I’ve only visited the site occasionally. The link in the comments above is the only link I have on this site. I’m also trying to gather whatever information I can to debunk that “CNN Clip” as a fake.

    Like I said in the comments above: “Yeah I have a problem with that.” He’s gone too far. It reminds me of those hippies FROM the Vietnam war that spit on soldiers and called them “Baby Killers”.

    I have the link above so that people can see that for themselves. That site is a little too extreme for my taste and I hope no one thinks that I support him… especially in light of this.

    If it offends anyone, I’ll gladly take this link down. I don’t hate anyone running, and I don’t support hatred (any more than I do people drawing maps and hopes someone “meets an unfortunate accident”).

    But I thought I made it clear how much I found that remark about the troops offensive.

    Better brace myself now… something tells me there’s going to be a wave of people that read only what they want coming…

  12. whatever you do, don’t quit now!

    how the hell are any of the dems gonna win without any foreign policy proposals? i mean besides the iraq war carping. i thought that engaging Zimbabwe thru the UN or UK or some oher way would help to prevent a DISASTER, as Zimbabwe ranked worst in the world in economic contraction this year with no signs of recovery. not with mugabe bullying everyone around him. especially Gen. Clark should talk about it, he who talks so much about timing and prevention of disasters (kosovo vs. iraq).

  13. Hi babe!!! Wanted to stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas to you and yours *big smile* ~ sending ya Christmas smochies under the misltoe *wink*

  14. dude, last I checked I’m still female, and still come here on a regular basis!!!
    I also agree with most of what you have to say, as you well know per our discussions….
    but regarding the ‘porn’ pics…can’t you find some a little less blonde???
    Happy holidays to ya!!

  15. how the hell are any of the dems gonna win without any foreign policy proposals?
    Foreign Policy??? What do we need a foreign policy for, Glenn? It’s not like we have any friends left. :0)

    Jamie: *SMOOCH* Merry Christmas!
    Dr. D.: Dude… I’m just warming up here.
    Red Eagle: I agree. I’m kinda partial to Brunettes/Redheads myself.

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