What’s in a birthday?

So I punch my birthday in this Press any key thingy (Stolen FROM Batgrl)…

Of rare beauty – If “walking death” is considered rare, true.
knows how to adapt – I am a chameleon. Actually, I think I’m invisible.
likes luxury – If I had a clue what “luxury” was…
of good health not in the least shy – Not true. I am very shy.
tends to look down on others – MOI????
self-confident – Damn skippy.
determined – mmmmm…yeah, I can see that one.
impatient – Ridiculous! It’s not my fault everything takes too damn long!
wants to impress others – Doesn’t everybody?

many talents -(OH SHUT UP! All of you!!!) Jack of all trades maybe. Definitely not muti-talented. I haven’t mastered Japanese yet.
industrious – I have to be. Every system I’m asked to use SUCKS!
healthy optimism – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (btw, you DIE at the end of the story.)
waiting for the one true love – Not true. I see him in the mirror every morning. Otherwise, I gave up on that “love” crap a long time ago.
able to make quick decisions – Uhhhhhh….
cocky, overconfident, √úberJerk. – okay, okay… I made that one up.

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