When worlds collide…


When the heck does a cyberworld, work, and personal life hit all in one spot to anyone else?

From Today’s Pocono Record:
Jeff Huffert of CB Gifts was up almost all night making fresh treats for the sale. His booth featured hand-made colored white chocolate pops, boxed sets and centerpieces shaped as Santa’s sled, all edible.

As you know, Jeff was here for thankgiving. Also crashed here this weekend. I feel sorry for the poor bloke…

He’s currently employed by a SLAVE DRIVER who made him work all friday night to make chocolate pops and chocolate Christmas houses.

I know his boss all too well. Rumor has it that she’s paying her graphic designer with sexual favors to build her a website… not that there’s anything wrong with that. ;0)

4 thoughts on “When worlds collide…

  1. I don’t know if it’s my browser, or if it’s because it’s done up in CMYK, but I have her December Flyer up in pdf format.

    Got one more site to finish, then hers, then her mopey, loser husband’s.

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