Which superhero are you?

“You are Super(wo)man, the sort of righteous, indestructible do-gooder the world is crying out for. You use your uncanny powers for good, not ill. You are upright, resolute and just a wee bit boring ”

Oh, this test SUCKED.

I’m not boring, and I use my powers for plenty of ill, bucko!!!!

I mean… look at my answers. Clearly… you can tell who you’re gonna be, with the stoopid obvious questions:
A) Superman
B) Spiderman
C) Batman
D) The Hulk

Four friggin’ superheroes, and you can’t even provide a cool graphic?

No Captain America (whom I find as irritatingly perfect as Superman.), no Human Torch, no Flash, no Black Panther, no Thor, no Silver Surfer, no Wolverine, no Wonder Woman… no Ghost Rider. (I’d give anything to ride the streets on a Harley and scare the shit out of little kids with my flaming skull, ok? And the whole “My soul belongs to Mephisto” stuff, tres cool, non?)

When you people can find a seemingly indestructible superhero, riddled with inferiority complexes, using a slingshot and plaster of paris as his weapons of choice (No. My *son* is “Dennis the Menace”, we covered that.), his arch-enemies are all redheads, unlimited supply of profanity, everyone hates him, and the world is out to get him… can you please pick him out for me????

Until then, I’m off the web…FOR GOOD!

Limey bastards. (It’s okay. I can say that, I’m a limey bastard too. Sorta.)

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