While we all slept…

… a couple of hotties in blogland made a few moves.

Jewdez made the jump FROM Geocities to www.jewdez.com – [blogroll Jewdez!]

Tammie came back for 2003 (like she promised) with a brand new blog: My Little Ones – [blogroll Tammie!]

Batgrl (whom I’ve targeted for “stalk a blogger weekend”) has finally put me in CHECK mate and countered with a post that I *HAVE* to agree with & wish I can continue the discussion here… just go there… NOW! [blogroll Batgrl!]

*goes back to the lab rebuilding his 5-year legacy on the web*

10 thoughts on “While we all slept…

  1. And like anyone’s going to believe that you resemble anything stalker-like!
    And despite popular belief you often agree with other people’s posts!

  2. Hey, I’m new at this stalker stuff… cut me some slack! :0)

    Maybe I practice some more and stalk another blogger next weekend… Though I doubt anyone can find the quirky offbeat topics you do (that was too much fun!).

    I did send an email to Matt to apologize. One comment I threw in just came off so defensive, and I didn’t mean for it to look like it was directed at him. He’s always been there for me… and I feel awful.

    Maybe I’ll stalk him. What can you tell me about those Chtuthulu (sp?) thingees…? I feel the need to talk more about Stich.

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