Did any one else’s referrer logs go nuts as Zeldman declared “Happy Friday” on K10K.net, and wrote a list of sites he was grateful for????

Holy crap, and just how much traffic does k10k get anyway?!!???

A very pleasant surprise as I was one of the many sites plugged on Friday, and I wanted to thank The Great One sooner, but I have been so damn busy.

Launched a new site with the Pocono Record’s new webhosting service, The Bridal Guide went live to the public, and I had to tweak/rewrite a few CGI scripts for the database-driven Scholastic Sports, Eastern Poconos Community News and the Pocono Property Showcase that premiered this morning.

And that was just Friday.

Today, I was slaving away at redesigning a very talented actresses’ site (details to follow).

Thankz Z-Man!!!! Your plug was most appreciated and a great topper for an excellent week!

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