Well, that was 12 innings of nail-biting fun! After much deliberation,I have decided to root for The Mets. Why? Because I have been to Shea Stadium more times than I can count, I always find myself rooting for the underdog, and the Yankees have already won 3 consecutive World Series games… give me one hell of a series, but uh, it’s somebody else’s turn, ok?

And the cigarette dumped in my iced tea when the Yankees took the lead has NOTHING to do with it! I wanna make that clear. :0)

Bushwick Days Part II:

Wow… it’s pretty amazing. Now that the kids are into The Facts Of Life on Nick At Nite, Ashley dug this out of one of my old photo albums, running around the house screaming

Your CyberPal & Lisa Whelchel in 1983Daddy dated Blair!!!! Daddy dated Blair!!!“.

Wow… memories of when Lisa Whelchel
visited “tha hood” in 1983. She was close friends with the pastor, Bill Wilson. That was her second visit to Metro Assembly of God in Brooklyn (I first got to meet her in 1980).She was a total sweetheart & really down to earth. I was running the house band there for the outreach programs. And well, you know how I feel about that place….


Well, I can’t let Ashley down and think otherwise, especially as she’s telling all her friends at school Monday that her daddy dated “Blair Warner” and offering the pictures as proof; but the fact is, we had a couple of conversations that weekend, got this picture together, and that was about it. Sure I can lie to you too… I mean, how can you prove otherwise?

Besides, I had the hots for Jo at the time (Nancy McKeon, not The Webmistress). :0)

The only thing that remain is: What the hell kind of face am I making in this picture???? JEEZ, what I dork I am!

In Honor of Lisa, the theme is "Re-runs"Weekend Surfing Picks….In honor of Lisa, the theme will be “re-runs”. These are sites I’ve picked previously, but you probably missed them before WHUZZUP! officially became a weblog, and extremely mega-popular with over seven (count ’em SEVEN!) hits per day! (besides, I’m lazy this weekend!) :0)

  • Personality Creations – Jackie Capps is another phenomenally talented lady. Packed with clip art, craft tips, games… if you somehow manage to get through everything that site has to offer, you can send personalized letters for all occasions at her other site, All Letters.Com… a definite site worth bookmarking to return around the Holidays for the kids (Don’t worry, I’ll remind you).
  • Speaking Turtle – I love Native American sites. Abenaki wisdom rocks, bro!
  • GhostWolf – Out of the Abyss– This man’s tale of suffering and inner-strength is a must-read. (Warning: Survivors of ritualistic abuse are asked not to read this gripping tale!) He also has an extensive list of links for places to seek help if you are a survivor of abuse.
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