Why can’t women leave the damn toilet seat up?

Sorry… no earth-shattering events so far.
Just came home to zonk for a few hours… it’s hard to even have an erotic dream when half your face is swollen up like a damn chipmunk again. So please come back to this site when I have accomplished something remotely interesting or mischevious…

In the meantime, perhaps the gentlemen here (all four of you) would like to help a lady out.

Tess is running a Man Questionnaire on her site. Perfectly confidential. She’s trying to gain some insights as to why we are such stubborn pains in the asses that would rather circle the earth than stop for directions.

If Tess looks a little familiar, probably you remember her from her nom de plume from the 80’s. *cough*Samantha Fox*cough*

No peeking at Warren’s answers, Maria!

You know… I think it’s damn brilliant. And I have a bunch of questions for the ladies…
I wonder if a “Woman Questionnaire” is in order?

5 thoughts on “Why can’t women leave the damn toilet seat up?

  1. Good man. Hope you came through with your “too good to be true” qualities. I suspect we may be getting a “significant other” in trouble… and there may be an opening soon (if’n you know whut I mean).

  2. Why thanks, guys! Much appreciated, and I’m gaining some surprising insights through the answers I’m receiving. A Woman Questionnaire is most definitely in the works once we’ve completed and compiled all information garnered through the Man Questionnaire! And thanks for the advertising, -e-!

  3. Oh my God Tess! you SO don’t want Warren’s answers!! He’ll piss you off as much as he does me!! :op

    E, I want to take the ladies quiz!! Put one up! ;o)

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