Why does this cartoon offend Warbloggers, anyway?

Chicken Hawk Down – By Tom Tomorrow

Hee hee haw haw HAAAAAAA!!!!
*falls off chair*
(I’m ok.)

It seemed to have caused a stir a week or two back. (I’m late for the party again, what else is new. But Tom Tomorrow nailed in six panels what I have been trying to say for over a year.).

And I have to disagree with Lt. Smash… clearly the illustrations depicted two overweight walter-mitty-types who wouldn’t survive their first week of basic training (or hold down a job, or finish a crossword puzzle…).

This cartoon was directed at all of the “tough-talking cowards in the safety of their own homes”-types that annoy the shit out of me.

In sharp contrast, Lt. Smash is out there doing a tough job, and I respect that. I understand why he was offended, perhaps Veterans Day was a poor choice of when to run that cartoon, but I really don’t think that was directed at folks like him.

And to break up the “Pro-Military”=”Pro-Iraq” stereotypes that wingnuts swear is inseperable… I offer Veterans Against the Iraq War and Bring Them Home Now!

EricBrooks.Com® – Sometimes “Supporting The Troops” also means trying to keep our sons and daughters serving this country out of harm’s way when it’s unnecessary.

… and uh, what branch of the military did Glenn Reynolds serve in? I’m just curious, and I can’t find that anywhere on his site.

8 thoughts on “Why does this cartoon offend Warbloggers, anyway?

  1. Muahaha! I love the cartoon! It’s so true!

    It just drives me crazy that some of these warbloggers think that if you’re anti-war, you’re anti-troops…bleh…

  2. Oh man… even more entertaining was reading the idiotic comments (350+) at Lt. Smash’s. It somehow degraded INTO this retarded left-vs-right argument. It took hours to read that car-wreck.

    Before anyone (in the unlikely event) starts any shit here, let me just say a few things:
    1. Everyone is entitled to their opinions on the war. If you don’t have an opinion by now, I’d actually be amazed. The war affects us all. We ALL have a say.

    2. The cartoon referred to these real “gung-ho” types (don’t make me name names). People I have noticed have no friends or family members over there, yet they use terms like “we blew this up today”, “we captured…”, etc.

    3. For whatever your reasons for supporting the war (not to mention I know a lot of anti-war people that think pulling out now would be a disaster as well), hey, that’s fine. You’re smart people and I trust you have your reasons for coming to the conclusions you did. But if you’re some sort of “Blogging Rambo”… the marines can really use you right now. :0)

    4. And if you’re the type to slam a serviceman because he writes something in his blog that doesn’t quite fit in with what Fox news is telling you what’s going on… DEFINITELY get your ass over to your nearest recruiter. You need a dose of reality… STAT!

    5. Uhhh… more later.

  3. LOL e…:) too right…people get way too crazy over stuff said in blogs (as you well know)…

    oh, and just to let you know, my site did indeed get hacked this morning…bleh…

  4. well, turns out that it wasn’t specifically my site, but an entire server at the ISP that hosts my site…I don’t know what to do with myself tonight without my blog! ack! 🙂 (at least my email still works)

  5. Very funny cartoon. I agree (!) with everything, every single thing (!) you wrote, too. Some day, whenever I get my head back on straight, I will take up my quill again and arm it with indigo, run rampant through the parchment scrolls.
    Hey. I got SPAMMED on my blog pretty bad (during Thanksgiving break…) I deleted all but a couple or three, still hiding out, buried deep. What’s up with this shit? There aren’t enough miracles waiting to be discovered yet? Right outside their backdoors? For criminy’s sake, different millennium, same bored teenagers. (Most excellently portrayed by Tom Tomorrow!)

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