Why I hate the Poconos (reason #22,406)

Screw you, Fernwood!

Every morning I’m snarled up in traffic as construction is going on in front of the place. Which is ok… there’s this hot-looking brunette guiding traffic. I’m surprised I haven’t caused a pileup as I’m not paying attention and watching her.

But that’s not the point either!
What the hell are they re-paving the roads with? It’s a half assed and the edges are jagged, I swear it’s going to tear up my tires if I don’t drive over it carefully (only halfway across the lane I might add.)

Bonus rant… if you’re going down the steep hill in front of me, and you hit the brakes…? YOU SUCK!!!!

Some of us like to save on gas by going down it at 70MPH so we can coast for a few miles. Maybe you can afford refilling your tank every day. I can’t, jerkweed.

(again, if cops are reading this. I meant 35mph. The legal speed limit for those turns of course. 😀 )

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