Why I’ll probably never work for another candidate or take advertisers.

Simply put, I’m a snarky, sarcastic, jaded bastard.

I value my All-American rights to free speech and voicing my opinions… regardless of who I piss off. (Don’t get me wrong, I realize I am a reflection of my employers to a certain degree, so I *DO* exercise a certain level of responsibility and accountability in all I do and say). But I despise having to self-censor myself.

Oh and did I forget to mention that I helped make websites and strategies for two campaigns? One Republican and one Democrat. Both were facing major hurdles as underdogs but in the end, they won in landslides.

Yes, this is why some of us colorful web personalities are hired by candidates. Though we have a ton of skeletons in our archives, we’re incindiary, controversial, riveting and damned good at what we do in commanding attention.

Which brings us to the “Brawl of the Week” (hat tip to Wulfgar).

John Edwards, Amanda Marcotte & Melissa McEwan -vs- Michelle Malkin, William Donohue & The Fighting 101st Keyboarders

The Plot: Right Wingers dig up dirt from the archives of Pandagon and Shakespeare’s Sister and demand Edwards fire his bloggers for their content.

The Review: Manufactured outrage by people with skeletons in their own closets who would never vote for Edwards anyway… so why even listen to them?

First of all… let’s consider the sources.You have Michelle Malkin (R – Ping Pong Queefer), a first generation American who has made a career of advocating closing the door on immigrants and defending Japanese iternment… who even goes so far as to make a video reciting Pandagon’s past blogs to expose how Marcotte dislikes President Bush (*GASP* And she’s working for the Democrats? Imagine that!). Typical childish mockery from Malkin who’s playing it up to her unhinged wingnut fans and totally missing Marcotte’s razor-sharp sarcasm as she does it.Oh and the closeups of Malkin repeating “F*CK Bushco!” over and over, where you can see every nose hair and bugger up her nose… EW! GROSS! OK?

Then you have William Donohue (R – Anti Semitic Zealot/Bigot) of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. Who is OFFENDED at the criticism of Catholic dogma and the sarcasm of these bloggers.

Let me get this straight… questioning Catholic beliefs is offensive, and yet ragging on “Jews controlling Hollywood that hate Christianity and the truth in Mel Gibson movies” and using colorful expressions like “A gay deathstyle” isn’t?

Why on earth is anyone taking these clowns and their mindless drones seriously?

John Edwards statement on his renegade bloggers was somewhat dissappointing as I think a bitchlap to Malkin and Donohue should have been added (why let the right wing dictate how you should run your campaign?). But nonetheless I understand. He doesn’t want to isolate Catholics. And as a Religious man himself he has a right to disagree with those posts and be offended.

The girls will be a target of the Right Wing Hate Machine for a good long while. They should know by now that as representatives of Edwards they have to be a little more mindful of what they say & do. (I know I had to when I worked for the aforementioned candidates).I still have Edwards in consideration as a candidate, but if he lets Wingnuts dictate how he runs his campaign and fires Marcott and McEwan feeding them to the rabid dogs… fuhgettaboutit! We want a leader in the White House. One with loyalty for his people. One who will stand by tough decisions. Not an appeaser for people who would not vote for him no matter what.

This will DEFINITELY change how campaigns and bloggers are done in the future. It will be down, dirty and RAW.

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