Windows are a Paine in the glass

I set out to see is Thomas Jefferson was the only founding father people seem to get… so I get *this* looney toon:

OH, COME ON NOW!!!! This is why I don’t take these stoopid tests. They are *so* innacurate. I am nothing like this guy!!!!

Did he own slaves too?

“Whaadya mean I’m funny? What am I… a fucking clown here to amuse you????”
– Joe Pesci, Goodfellas –

(Via Batgrll and Llee, who got it from Michelle)

4 thoughts on “Windows are a Paine in the glass

  1. Heh. Talk about the shoe being a perfect fit! 😛

    I turned out as Thomas Jefferson. Where are all these other Jeffersonians? So far I’ve only tripped over multiple Thomas Paines and Alexander Hamiltons!

  2. Oh wait… maybe it was Alexander Hamilton that I saw all over the place.(with those damn powdered wigs, they all look alike to me) not Jefferson.

    You’re right Jen.

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