Woman fired for a Kerry bumper sticker

While the Right Wing unit of the Pajama Patrolâ„¢ wastes its time on memos and professional victims, I’ve noticed a silly pattern of theirs over the last year or so…

“Why don’t the other side speak out about [insert silly subject here]?”

Well, why do they have to? Why do they have to be roped in to your silly topics instead of their own? Maybe the issue is either bullshit, irrelevant, or they have nothing to add that hasn’t already been said. Or they know that you’ll just perceive it as a surrender?

It’s an ongoing pattern with them. When they can’t find someone to argue with, they *create* this enemy that stands for the polar opposite of what they do… and that’s just idiotic, if not borderline sociopathic.

  • I have yet to meet one of those mythological liberals that thinks no one should own a gun.
  • I have yet to meet one of those Bush-hating Leftys that thinks a civilian being kidnapped and beheaded is acceptable.
  • I have yet to meet anyone that didn’t support Operation Enduring Freedom to defend ourselves and bring those responsible for 9/11 to justice……so the blanket term of “Anti-War” for anyone who can see that the war in Iraq and the War on Terror are two completely different issues… well, I call bullshit on that too.

And I CERTAINLY refuse to believe that censoring anyone’s right to express their political views is a one-sided thing… especially if Phil Parlock is the best they can come up with. (Projection, anyone?)

Here’s a story that drew the sound of crickets FROM the right wing of the Blogosphere last week….

Moulton woman says she lost job for sporting Kerry sticker on car

Sure she has. It’s called “WRONGFUL TERMINATION”. Her boss is so passionate about his guy winning, and thinks because one particular policy worked for him, he has the right to stifle the views of any of his employees.

And I would say the same thing if it was a “Bush/Cheney” bumpersticker….

… in fact I did this week as the ACLU came to town this week to defend a Pocono man’s right to put a Bush sign on his lawn. (Sorry. No links). I stand by that man’s right… it’s called “DEMOCRACY”, and our right as Americans SELECT our own leader.

But don’t worry about Lynne Gobbell though.
According to Slate, John Kerry caught wind of it and her supervisor’s spiteful remark (“You can work here or for John Kerry”), and Kerry told her “You let him know you’re working for me as of today.


What a guy! Not even President yet and he’s already creating jobs.
(I don’t know if this was on any Right wing sites… and personally, I don’t care.)

Lynne Gobbell said her boss fired her last week because of the Kerry-Edwards campaign sticker on the back of her car.
DAILY Photo by Clyde Stancil

MOULTON – Lynne Gobbell never imagined the cost of a John Kerry-John Edwards bumper sticker could run so high.

Lynne Gobbell said her boss fired her last week because of the Kerry-Edwards campaign sticker on the back of her car.

Gobbell of Moulton didn’t pay a cent for the sticker that she proudly displays on the rear windshield of her Chevrolet Lumina, but said it cost her job at a local factory after it angered her boss, Phil Gaddis. …
… “The lady there (at the unemployment commission) said that she has never heard of a firing like this before,” Gobbell said.

4 thoughts on “Woman fired for a Kerry bumper sticker

  1. Yeah, I had heard about this. I thought it was cool that Kerry offered her a job outright…

    I mean, if one of my building-mates decided to put a bush-cheney sign in their window, I wouldn’t care, although, I’d probably make faces about it…I would never tell him to take it down though…and I would hope that if I had a kerry-edwards sign in my window they wouldn’t say anything….

    I still think it’s sad in the last few years that free speech has been made conditional…

  2. Saw comment on a blog that said a bumper stcker said, “We need to trim the Bushes!”

    My response is that the Bush does not need to be trimmed, it needs to be dug out by the root!

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