Worked like a charm

We did some initial tests today on the redesign of the Pocono Record site, and all the data went right where it should, graphics laid out perfectly (well, with the exception of a few glitches with the CSS and the templates.)

See, any moron can do straight HTML, but to slice the design up into several templates, using a proprietary markup language, and make it work within a series of very delicate programs, blending with a dash of CGI and database access with the newsroom and AP servers…. now that’s finesse!

Damn, I’m good! :0)

well, you’ll see soon…….

So you see, my dear, while I’m happy that freelancing works out for you and pays well…. Moi? Working for a company owned by Ottaway Newspapers & Dow Jones pays better.

And you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally have to know what you’re doing to get a job like that.

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