World AIDS Day 2003

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Quite frankly, I always seem to miss “World AIDS day” every year. Not that I think AIDS awareness is unimportant (quite the contrary). It just seemed so “trendy” and “the thing to do” with bloggers back then. Now that the posts have dwindled down on the web… I think I can be my usual “untrendy” self and make a mention as the message of awareness and debunking the myths and stigmas needs to be circulated.

Remember when people used to close their blogs in honor of World AIDS Day? I always thought that was dumb… if anything a topic like AIDS or HIV *should* be talked about.

Rather than add anything here, I direct you to Gina’s site who has quite a bit to say (and she says it so much better than I possibly could have):

  • World AIDS Day I: Transmission and Infection
  • World AIDS Day II: Infection on the rise
  • World AIDS Day III: More numbers
  • World AIDS Day IV: Main post

It never went away. It’s just your favorite stars aren’t dying FROM it anymore. That’s all.

On the other side of the world, people are still facing a horrific fate that I wouldn’t wish on my own enemy.

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