It appears I have once again misjudged the American public and they have some sense of musical taste after all.

Congratulations, Fantasia!!!!

Aw, hell. Think about it. Those 12 people were absolute nobodies 10 months ago, and now they’re all household names (I’ve even had the pleasure of hearing FROM Camile Velasco’s cousin, who lives here in the Poconos, after we did a story on her)…

… is there even such a thing as a “loser” on that show?

There are guys playing clubs for twenty years that will never get that kind of spotlight and fame. I say congrats to all of them!

I may actually watch tv again (when did it come out in color, anyway?).

One thought on “wow

  1. Yes, Congrats to Fantasia! (and as for your previous post on Paula Abdul – you got a good dose of her titties on the final show, didn’t you? (ok, I know, not nekkid, but men like the boobs too, right? )

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