Writers wanted

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So good to see the Queen of Hearts back on Problem Adults. 😀

We didn’t have the capabilities and know-how that we have now, so her Majesty was forced to post her column in message boards, now she can do it right in her own section.

So, do you write? Tutorials? Erotica? Columns?

Well we WANT YOU! With the newly-remodeled Problem Adults v3.0, we’re going back to our original vision of making the site a one-stop-shop for all your web needs. It’s a great place to promote yourself and even escape the pressures of everyday life.

What we lack in pay (none, actually) we more than make up for in international fame. 😀

More details in my Zoints blog entry over there.

What you can’t see it? Guess you have to join us then, huh?

Yeah, there’s always a catch with me.
You should know that by now. 😉

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