WWIII in Memphis…

11:25 PM EST – Round one… ding ding.
(To be updated countinously through the night…)
I’m keeping up on MSNBC.Com and Associated Press, because I couldn’t get tickets at Fernwood.

Gawd, I’m pathetic. :0)

Tyson comes out jabbing, and Lewis jabs back. Tyson bulls Lewis into corner and Lewis lands two right uppercuts. Tyson misses wildly with left hook. Lewis holds Tyson. Referee Eddie Cotton separates the fighters. They clinch again. Tyson backs Lewis up with left jab. Lewis holds Tyson. Tyson lands a left hook with 50 seconds left. Lewis holds again and Tyson pushes him into ropes. Lewis lands jab and misses right.

Lewis’ round. (hee hee… guess who I’m rooting for?)



Tyson comes out and they clash heads. Lewis is warned by Cotton for throwing an elbow after Tyson complains. Lewis lands a right uppercut 30 seconds in. Lewis begins jabbing and Tyson misses a wild left hook. Lewis lands another uppercut at 1:46 of the round. Lewis is warned again by Cotton for holding. Tyson rushes in and is caught with a right uppercut. With a minute left, Lewis begins using jab, landing four or five. Lewis lands an uppercut with 15 seconds left.

Lewis’ round.

Tyson head-butts Lewis as round opens. Lewis towers over Tyson and pushes him off when he comes inside. Again, they clinch and Cotton forces them apart. Lewis is throwing jabs, dancing around with 1:30 left. Lewis is controlling the fight with his jab and Tyson can’t find the range. Tyson hits on Lewis’ ribs while they clinch. Tyson tries to move his head to avoid jab but it still lands. Tyson lands left hook with 47 seconds left, his biggest punch. Tyson is cut on the right eye. Blood is running from the cut. Lewis works on cut. Lewis lands good right as bell sounds.

Lewis’ round.

Tyson rushes out again but is tied up and Lewis lands two jabs. Lewis lands a big right hand with 2:25 left. Lewis misses a left but lands a right. He is pushing Tyson around. Lewis jabs Tyson, who appears confused and unable to do anything to keep Lewis off of him. Lewis’ confidence is growing. He hits Tyson with two jabs and a right uppercut midway through the round. Lewis lands a big right with 1:14 left as Tyson tries to hold him. Lewis hits Tyson with two big rights. Tyson swings wildly with 40 seconds left. Tyson is desperately trying for a big punch but can’t land it. Lewis jabs him, then hits him with a right hand and Tyson goes down on his back with 10 seconds left. Cotton rules it a slip.

Lewis’ round (SWEEEEEEEET!!!!!!)

Lewis lands his jab early. Tyson simply standing in center of ring taking it, unable to punch. Lewis lands an uppercut then Cotton stops fight and talks to Lewis again for pushing. Tyson is an easy target for Lewis’ jab. Lewis jabs again late in the round. Tyson is unable to get off a punch and is beaten to the punch.

Lewis’ round

Tyson’s corner is trying to prevent swelling on both his eyes. Lewis hits Tyson then pushes him across the ring. He seems to have no fear of Tyson’s power. Lewis lands a big left-right with 2:15 left. Tyson tries to throw a right and misses, then misses another and they clinch. Lewis lands a succession of jabs midway through the round, then a right hand that backs Tyson up. Lewis is pushing Tyson off when he clinches. Tyson finally lands a right hand but it doesn’t faze Lewis.

Lewis’ round.

Lewis has some swelling under his left eye. Tyson is cut over both eyes. Lewis is dominating with his jab. Lewis lands two jabs and a right, then is warned again by Cotton for using elbow. Action slows in this round, but Lewis’ jab is still accurate. Tyson is bleeding from the nose and from cuts on his eyes. With 23 seconds, Lewis left lands good left and right and Tyson hits him below the belt. Lewis buckles Tyson’s knees with a right hook with 8 seconds left.

Lewis round.

Lewis KO’s Tyson to Retain Titles
AP Boxing Writer
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) – Lennox Lewis showed the bully who was boss.

Using a masterful left jab and landing his right hand at will, Lewis battered a befuddled MikeTyson before stopping him with a crashing right hand in the eighth round to keep his heavyweight titles Saturday night.

Tyson was bleeding from cuts over his eyes and from the nose when Lewis landed a punch that sent him sprawling on his back in Lewis’ corner. Tyson tried to get up at the count of eight, getting to one knee, but was counted out.

It was a sudden end to a dominating performance in which Lewis overwhelmed the former champion from the opening bell.

Referee Eddie Cotton counted Tyson out at 2:25 of the eighth round.

Like I predicted in the comments … KO in the 8th round! YES!


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