Year of the Phoenix: Rebirth

Fire of PrometheusSpring is here, the Poconos is less flooded, and you can see the flowers and trees begin to bloom through the muddy water.

And so it’s time for a new look to go with my new attitude. A lot of phenomenal changes on the inside of me all winter long, and now it’s time to let it show.

As always, all my anger, rage and bitterness remains the driving force in my creativity.

Like the fire Prometheus gave to man, it can be used to create or consume everything in its path… it all depends on your mastery of it.

If you’re still seeing the old design, just click here to reset this site’s cookie. I have been screwing with the script all night, and have just decided “F**K IT”.

F**K IT! I fixed it so now EVERYONE can see the new design!!!! I RULE!

Like my old pal Tony used to say, “F**k it, I’m gonna have a good time anyway.”

No I’m not crazy. Stop looking at me like that.

8 thoughts on “Year of the Phoenix: Rebirth

  1. FUCK IT yes =e=

    Thanks for the visit man….long time I haven’t been here either.

    Good that you are now seeing the signs of Spring…..soon all the lovelies who were covered in winter gear will be strutting around in shorts! 😉 Tek it easy bredrin!

  2. Erick…my web designer God…

    You are indeed a graphics God when it comes to site design and graphics arts…what is ya secrets to such wickedly awesome graphics?????????

    MY GOD!!! Ya site is so awesome…makes me wanna go to the Poconos for my birthday and with the way my fuckin life goin now…I wanna go like RITE NOW!!!!

    You have done a magificent job on ya site design and new layout…you are truly talented…god gifted…YOU GO BOY!!! WITH YA BAD SELF!!! ROCK ON ERIC!!!

  3. .soon all the lovelies who were covered in winter gear will be strutting around in shorts! 😉

    And to that, I say “AMEN” my brother! Aah… to see legs again!!!!

    what is ya secrets to such wickedly awesome graphics?????????

    You know, my dear Pandora, I’ve seen your work. You’re quite the digital sorceress yourself. However, flattery will get you everywhere. 🙂

    My recipe:
    1. Make a 775 x 600 layout in Photoshop
    2. Use the slicing tool to slice up and name the slices
    3. Import into ImageReady and save optimized (This will make an HTML Page and individual images from the slices)
    4. Fine tune it in Dreamweaver, and duplicate what you can in CSS
    5. Open the original .psd file in fireworks to make the flash as separate .png files.

  4. DAUMM!…wait back track to what you said bout us luvlies with sexy legs…AMEN TO THAT FOR HAVIN SUCH A KILLER BOD *winx*

    Oh, damn…that mean all these ugly stanks goin to be hittin on me and all that shit…man…with sexy outfits in the warm weather come unwelcome come ons from ugly ass men…who scares all the hotties away…*LOL*

    Anyways, back to graphics talk…thank you my dear bout me bein a graphics sorceress…PSP rox babes!!! Tis a shame my copy got fucked up and since is a bootleg copy I can’t use it gain…my trial of the latest version ran out and I must now rely on Paintshop…*GAGS* PS has it’s benefits but nothing rox as much as PSP.

    Anyways, great job on ya layout babes! U SO ROCK!!! You graphics god!

  5. Wait…PSP is Paint Shop Pro , huh? What I meant to say is Photoshop is TEN times better than Paint Shop Pro…am more of a Photoshop fan…sorry bout the PSP’s & PS’s confusions…*LOL*

  6. I know what PSP is, silly! My first graphics program was PSP 4.7 back in ’97… it didn’t have all the cool stuff it has now, and you couldn’t upgrade with that version, but I paid for it and was proud! (And it’s actually quite reasonably priced too).

    When is your birthday, anyway?

  7. Yah, I took the easy way out…actually u b surprise how I got my bootleg copy *winx*…anyways, CS is cooler…I think tis the best version ever…have to get a used copy from Amazon.Com

    No way in hell would I pay nor can I afford to pay 600 bucks for a brande new copy…*LOL*

    Yah, I know my ass is cheap! My Paintshop is a used copy…*LOL*

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