Yer nuts roasting on an open firrrre. Jack Daniels nipping at yer throat…

I was just at Michele’s who’s talking about Christmas. Specifically “Why this atheist celebrates Christmas”. Good times, friends and families, crazy Italian traditions… great stuff.

Only, I have one problem: It’s not Christmas for me….
I haven’t heard Nat King Cole yet.

The Tree
Yeah, we got the tree, decorated, 99% of the shopping done, yadda yadda yadda…

the lights
It’s not Christmas until “The Christmas Song” comes on the radio. Not a CD, not elevator muzak, not Natalie Cole, not Alvin & the Chipmunks.

“The Christmas Song”. Nat King Cole. Radio.

What triggers your mind to go “Hey! Christmas is here!”?

21 thoughts on “Yer nuts roasting on an open firrrre. Jack Daniels nipping at yer throat…

  1. I am SO LAME over the Holidays. I buy the gifts for the people I am supposed to and I do wish *all of them* a very happy Holiday/s, but I just never really *feel* Holiday-y. I don’t know why. It’s just a very hollow time of year for me. Always has been. Now Halloween, that’s a horse lof a different color! 😉

  2. The sound of Mr. Joe bellowing:
    “are you flippin’ done spending money yet??????””

    (answer to above is an unequivocal : “NO”

  3. I’m sure you’ll find this silly, heck I even do. It’s not Christmas for me until I hear “Step Into Christmas” by Elton John! I’ve been a total freak for him since I was a kid, and that song was sooo cool to me! It came out way before all the other pop stars starting doing Christmas songs, and it’s original. John/Taupin material. Nothing could be better in my mind! ;o)

  4. When we finally sit down to watch “Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas” (by Jim Henson). It was that way growing up and remains so to this day…

  5. I wonder more why the christians celebrate christmas. After all the pagans started it. Alright, of course I don’t really wonder about it.

  6. True. Before “Jesus Birthday” was moved to that date by Constantine, December 25th was a big feast for Saturn…

    To me, it’s always been a week of stillness, calm, and setting things right before starting over a new year. Like I said in Michele’s comments, there’s nothing wrong with an excuse for friends and family getting together.

    I never considered Christmas a “Christian” thing.

  7. i’m feeling the pressure to take a pic of my pathetic florida xmas tree. everyone has pics. hmm. maybe,maybe, maybe. uh, ok. oh, we celebrate presents and food and fun. we are athiest so we dont do that whole away in amanger story stuff either.

  8. Robyn!!! We LOVE Emmet Otters Jug Band Christmas!!! That’s my Dad’s favorite Christmas show! Well his ONLY Christmas show that he enjoys! *lol* Bar-b-que, bless my spirit, I swear that it never fails! ;o)

  9. You didn’t make them wait for Christmas, did you

    Are we talking about the mysterious UPS package that arrived for the “Adorable you-know-what’s” on Friday?

    The one the “Adorable you-know-what’s” have been bouncing off the walls and just dyyyyyyyying to see what’s inside?

    Well, of course they’re waiting for Christmas!
    (Aren’t we terrible?)

    Unless you think otherwise… Once he found out who it was from, the boy has been caught trying to sneak it out of our bedroom and pry it open on at least three occasions.

    It’s that kind of sadistic fun us parents live for!

    * Throws head back and laughs like a maniac *

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