Yo bitch!!! Get off me!

I shared this with my new pal , Pandora, the other night and just did some interesting research.

Tell me if this ever happened to you:

About a year or two ago, I woke up to find a very old and VERY HEAVY woman on top of me (Blotchy bloated skin. Think of that body they pulled out of the lake in “Silence of the Lambs”).

I was pinned down, couldn’t breathe, and she began humming this eerie tune in my ear.

I couldn’t move. I couldn’t scream. I was paralyzed and suffocating.
Then she vanished and I never went back to sleep.

Of course I never wrote that down, because I was afraid I’d be committed.

Guess what? I’m not alone. It’s actually a condition known as “Old Hag Syndrome” or “Sleep Paralysis”.

Victims of “Old Hag Syndrome” awake to find that they cannot move, even though they can see, hear, feel and smell. There is sometimes the feeling of a great weight on the chest and the sense that there is a sinister or evil presence in the room. And like the above reader, they are often quite frightened about what is happening to them. The name of the phenomenon comes from the superstitious belief that a witch – or an old hag – sits or “rides” the chest of the victims, rendering them immobile.

This is all scientifically explained actually.
When you go into REM dreaming sleep, your brain immobilizes your motor functions (Or else you’ll act out your dreams. )

“Sometimes your brain doesn’t fully switch off those dreams – or the paralysis – when you wake up,” Hirshkowitz told ABC News. “That would explain the ‘frozen’ feeling and hallucinations associated with sleep paralysis.” According to his research, the effect only really lasts from a few seconds to as long as a minute, but in this half-dream half-awake state, to the victim it can seem much longer.

It’s quite common in people who are under high stress or regularly sleep deprived. Which fits me to a “T”.

Fair enough. Makes sense….

Only one question.
I can understand the dark shadows, or even the boogieman…

…but why has this apparition appeared as an “old hag” to so many people over the centuries?

… Why can’t she look like Nicole Kidman?

Some places aren’t quite buying the scientific explaination.

  • One guy reports being “lifted in the air”
  • This message board adds other chilling accounts, and paranormal theories:

    OK there is a spirit in North America called Old Hag. In other societies she has a different name.

    The “attack” itself deals with a man waking in up in the middle of the night feeling that his chest is being “ridden”. While most men only feel the pain, out of breath and a heavy pressure. Some men upon awakening see the image of a old women riding his chest. Thus the name Old Hag.

  • Occult Investigator Tim Boucher had found it odd that “Old Hag Syndrome” can’t be found in the Wikipedia.
  • That settles it! I’m never going to sleep again!

    9 thoughts on “Yo bitch!!! Get off me!

    1. Dunno bout you…but I much prefer the sex demons over some ole hag trying to fuckin kill me in my fuckin sleep. I don’t get how they put this ole hag spirit with a sex demon? She ain’t pleasuring you or fuckin you…don’t make no sense! Anyways, my dad and few other family members experince what you experince at our old house in the basement. And our basement is already DARK AS FUCK…my dad said one night he went to get up and something (someone) was pinning him down…and he is a big man…a christian…godly (well he wzn’t perfect like me)…but he wasn’t the sort who believe in ghosts and shit like that…only god and the holy spirit…and he said right before his eyes…the darkness of our basement got even more darker in an instant. My cousin who came up from Jamaica spent a night down there and my uncle and a few others heard him cry out and he is one not to freak out so easily…Jamaican men got a rep to protect…not be chicken shits. And in Jamaica we have our ghosts…so we use to it.

      Anyways, I for one never experince it…I have however experince paralysis in my dreams but never when I was wide awake. I have had the sex dreams (the so called Sex Demons Fucking You In Real Life Sex Dreams)…and I be honest with you…I rathe those over some ole ass bitch demon tryin to fuckin kill me in my sleep!!! *LOL* Who wouldn’t want a sex dream over being choked to death by some ole fart demon? *LMAO*

      K, lemme stop mockin here. Scientists always got some sort of scientific explaination to something of the unknown…if you ask me…is a load of bullshit. How the fuck the explain this ole ass lookin woman tryin to fuckin kill you than? Or bein tossed in the air as you sleep? Or what bout sex demons? Is there even a scientific explaination for that? The sleep paralysis one..where the brain shuts down…that makes sense but as I say…what bout the ole fart sittin on ya chest chokin you? Explain that now Mr. Scientist? But how they explain the sex dreams? Here is how…IT IS THE POWER OF SUGGESTION…well, that could be true…but if you ask me…that is bullshit once gain…cuz that shit feel to fuckin real to be a dream…even someone who is inexperince with sex would know that! I won’t complain cuz those sex dreams are the closest I come to bein close to a hottie (in my dreams) and gettin some sex! But I mustn’t encourage it as am a christian and if these sex demons are real…it is evil and I can’t be having that now…something is wrong with me spiritually if they be visiting me and fuckin me as I sleep…*feels bit spooked out*

      Laters dude!

    2. Damn!!! That shit is scary!!! She got fuckin raped at work?! That incubus was like…”I want some ass here and now!!! And there’s not a thing ya ass can do bout it biatch!!!! I can get away with this shit!!! *wicked laugh*”

      But yah, that is some scary ass shit…damn…I seek an excorcism if I was her…seriously!!! And start goin to church and seekin spiritual guidance…get in touch with god gain…get baptize…move the fuck out of there…bless that house!!!

    3. OMG… that is freaky… can’t say that I can relate in any way. Hmm… if one did believe in the occult then maybe the Old Hag was some witch ghost that was getting off on messing around with men time and again!

    4. It’s really weird, Desi….
      I thought it was yet another case of my losing my mind, until I stumbled onto that on a paranormal site researching Incubi.

      I’ve had plenty of paralysis attacks (because of my odd sleeping habits), sure they’re scary, but I wiggle my fingers to break out of it and I know I’m still in a quasi dream state… but the Old Lady thing was a completely different story!

    5. Curiously, Randy I found another site with even more Eerie ties to Lilith and the Old Hag attacks

      Fascinating person, this Lilith. She has ties to almost every culture in one form or another. I’m not too sure about the “First wife of Adam” theory in “The Alphabet of Ben Sira” (Though it’s been the only plausable explaination for the two separate accounts for man’s creation in Genesis 1 & 2. )

      Though the book is from the Middle ages, it seems to take known Biblical Characters and but a few “funny twists” on the characters… and the tradition of putting an amulet with the three angel’s names predates this book by centuries.

      So perhaps she WAS Adam’s first wife (Sticken from the record in the Bible, except in Isaiah), and the “comedic twist” was that Adam was lousy in bed.

      Of course the whole mythology may have been a way to explain “crib death”… then that leaves the two creation accounts back in question.

      Lilith seems to have taken on a new meaning in modern society as a “strong independant woman”. Hey I’m down with that. I love women like that!

    6. I belive in the Incubus and Succubus..But..damn…Im not scared or nothin’ its just…WOW. My friend (her name remains unknown..Ill respect her) passes me letter during school all the time telling me about her newly found ‘friend’ (aka Incubus) whos been visitin’ her in her sleep…Im…worried..deeply…but shes my friend…I have to go over to her house and help her out with this one..What if she doesnt want to be saved from it? Damn,..and I cant find any websites that tell me HOW to get rid of one damn it!

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