You love me!!! You really love me!!!

See? It’s time for all the awards to start rolling in.
The Queen of PSYCHOdrama has bestowed upon me the coveted
2002 Pea Brain Of The Year award“!

Hee hee…
Nothing like starting shit with me to bring the traffic back, right, Lee?

Supposedly, my little remark about adding Kare and her relentless harassment to my 2002 roundup has caused her to run like hell because I’m about to tell everyone the WHOLE STORY retire.

Oh, not to worry… I’m sure this will drag Lee’s loyal yipping attack dog out of retirement. So much for putting the past behind you, right?

Ah, sweet hypocrisy… gotta love it.
Do you folks still have my boss’ phone number?

*Looks at watch, waiting for Shelagh and Astone to jump in.*

Gonna be the same routine folks… a small hand full of clowns jumping up & down, trying to clutter her comments to look like an angry mob, flinging baseless accusations, and crying for attention and hits….
Lee does this every time she comes back. Attacks someone popular, then tries to look like the victim.

Maybe this time, when I see my personal stuff (when I *thought* I was confiding in friends?) being slapped up for everyone to see, I’ll return the favor. To ALL of them. On the same gutless level they do it.

21 thoughts on “You love me!!! You really love me!!!

  1. I can think of someone else who deserves an attention troll award before the end of the year. But this troll enjoys reading other blogs, then going back to her own little pussified, locked blog and yapping to her cronies about others behind their backs. Heh.

  2. Oh… I KNOW who YOU’RE talking about, Kim!
    (I wont link to the self-righteous, unhealthily obsessed bitch, but you folks can get the whole story at Kat’s site.)

    Nothing spells “guilty conscience” like deleting comments and covering your tracks. And truth to the mentally ill is like poison.

    I’ll deal with her after this.
    This shouldn’t take too long.

  3. Dammit! I asked the Birthday Fairy for peace and harmony this year! She didn’t come through AGAIN!


    Well, I guess the blog version of WWF will have to do.

  4. never be banned again folks. never…lol just use the thing in the left sidebar to surf around. tee hee ;)Anonymizer® Online Privacy and Security

  5. *sigh* once again I’m completely clueless, but thoroughly amused, non the less. I must find time to catch up more on the weekends!! 🙂

  6. Again? Well, at least this clown will not jump in, I will still demand to get the funny troll award though, if there is such a thing ;o)

  7. Did I ever tell you how cool you are E??? Well, you are!!! I swear to God somehow you read my mind, and went and posted a comment on another site that made me smile so hard my face hurt! I love you dude!!! ;o)

  8. *************************************
    For those of you just tuning in, and have no clue what’s going on…
    Kare is the fruitcake I was talking about in Robyn’s comments during the Chris Powers adventure.

    Aw… thanks Maria. I’m glad I have a few friends that can see through their bullshit and know the real me. That remark just *SO* made my day! :0)

    Yeah Nico… please stay out of it. This whole thing damn near ended a really good friendship (or two, or three, or..).

    It’s really funny… and you can ask a few people, I had decided *against* saying anything and taking Deb’s advice and be the “bigger person”. :0)

    It was going to be a one paragraph entry, and who is to say it was even going to be mean? When I wrote her friend, Duane Bergeron, to give him *my* side of the story, I didn’t trash her. So once again… a big dramatic production over nothing.

    But well, now I’m pissed and I have something in my drafts that is going to blow a hole through the side of cyberspace!!!! Maybe, I’l cool off by the time I get home, maybe I wont…

    But there wont be any comments allowed. Enough people have gotten in the middle and hurt because of this. One way or another, this crap ends by tomorrow.

    (I do like the idea of awards, though.)

  9. (e, that’s fine. Since you fixed it, I’ll take my finger off the “delete-e’s-folder-off-the-server” button. 😉

    *clearing throat*

  10. My friend Johnny says a good friendship survive a fight or ten. I think he has a point. I’ll stay out of most things, but if there is anything you know my mailaddress.

  11. I think it’s all blown over, dude.
    Honestly, I thought it was going to be a lot worse.

    Johnny’s a wise dude…
    I’ve had fistfights with friends (usually over a girl. Shock. shock.), one keeps asking another every time he’s drunk: “Did you REALLY mastubate over my wife in my bathroom?”, another one tried to throw a friend off the roof…

    The girls, wives, arguments, and rooves came and went.
    Friends are forever.

  12. *Picks out a BIG booger and flicks it at -e-s site!*

    (Well, now I have to clean it off my monitor, but watch it buddy! Next time It’ll be a dozen eggs! 😉 )

    Ahhh crazies and psychos and trolls OH MY! 😉


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