You STOOPID, bloated sack of PROTOPLASM!

Excuuuuuuuse me!!!!

I wish to interrupt all your seeeeeerious discussion on seeeeeerious topics to make a brief announcement….





Found via .:Chapel.Perilous:.
(Is that the most kickass-designed site you’ve seen in a while, or what?)

Plus they read Bad Attitudes.
Have mentioned that I work with Jerome’s brother and niece lately?

12 thoughts on “You STOOPID, bloated sack of PROTOPLASM!

  1. You know what’s funny is just last night I was seriously thinking of overhauling the design completely,,,,but now I think I’ll leave it for a leetle while longer, Steeempy!
    ps your design rawks too, very user-friendly.

  2. Chapel Perilous is intense! Very nice reporting, too.
    I wish I knew who Ren & Stimpy were, er, are. They look familiar, just not enough to pick ’em out of a lineup. But I’m happy for you all! *wishing for the return of the x-rated animations FROM the 60’s*

  3. Don’t forget to tune INTO Stripperella as well. Starring none other than Pamela Lee. Looks to be very intellectually stimulating… yeah – that’s it 🙂

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