Your Easter Egg, or your life!

Sorry dudes. Fell asleep the minute I got home, and never finished the Super Dudes. Had an Easter Egg Hunt at work today (no, really.) Found a couple of eggs with tootsie rolls, destroyed the newsroom, and even found an egg with a raffle ticket where I won $1. (Cash is ALWAYS an acceptable gift.)

This of course wiped me out. It takes a lot of energy to ransack your boss’ office. Goofing off in his IM, talking to his contacts, pretending to be him… all in the name of finding that one Easter Egg where you get the day off with pay.

Somebody else got it.
I’m flooded with memories of 1981 where we were caught in a riot in Central Park in NYC (anyone remember that?) We’re there on the Great Lawn for the Easter egg hunt. The imbeciles in charge were running late, so they decided (in their infinite wisdom) to start tossing Easter eggs out INTO the crowd, right off the truck.

Of COURSE we’re gonna beat the piss out of the smaller and weaker for their Easter Eggs! We’re New Yorkers, what do you expect?

My cousins and I are pounding on smaller kids, while getting punched in the face by their parents. I had to literally pull my mom, by her feet, out of a 30-person pileup…

Only to get home, and watch Channel 11 news portray us as a pack of animals in their footage! The nerve!!!! It was survival of the fittest that day.

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17 thoughts on “Your Easter Egg, or your life!

  1. Maaan… all I got that day was one egg (which I wrestled off a 7 year old, before shoving her into a stampede), a black eye, and a cracked tooth…

    (Poor white trash. You couldn’t take us anywhere…)

  2. I stumbled onto your site today (nope I wasnt drunk at the time *grin*). Glad I did. Adding you to my must read list. Take care!

  3. It’s amazing thing, memory. I look back to being a kid and I remember looking for eggs on Easter and looking to not be hit by them on Halloween. Maybe I’m bad because I like them best deviled.

  4. *sigh* you write an apology, you even Change the initial comment to something less offensive, and Seyed Razavi is *still* sending fucking trolls here to start shit… Can you believe this guy???

    It’s okay, asshole. You’re mommy isn’t here, you can curse… (assuming you can actually spell “bitch”)

  5. “whatcha gonna buy me with your dollah?”
    I can split a box of peeps with you, darling… :0)

    Happy Easter to you too, Tammie!

  6. OK Eric,

    The persistence of these cowardly curs has motivated me to weigh in on the whole BS brawl with blogshares. I wrote a bit about it last night. I hope you find my take amusing. I mean it in good humor from the bottom of my evil little heart.

  7. I’m lost! Where the hell am I? One second I’m trapped in neon fishnet stockings, the next I’m knee-deep in BS again! lol
    Nice to make your acquaintance. Please see my comment re: you & BS over there in the aquarium.
    It’s all john’s fault, he’s a linkalicious adversary.

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