He was too young for Vietnam, and too old for Desert Storm...
But that didn't mean Mike wasn't a good American, DAMMIT!
Mike's a survivalist and prepared for anything.

When reports that Russian missiles may accidentally launch during the Y2K crisis, he hired a contractor to build a lead-lined underground fortress to withstand Armageddon.

On New Years Eve, as the world partied and awaited the New Millenium, Mike and his wife Cindy, stocked the fortress with all the amenities and comforts of home. Food, water and plenty of ammo.

Mike bid his neighbors, Bob and Jerry, a fond farewell. He wished them luck, and they swore they would let him know when it's safe for them to re-emerge into the sunlight again.

At 10PM, Mike, Cindy and their German Shepherd, Max, entered the state of the art Y2K sepulchre, sealed the door and booby-trapped it with a homemade plastique explosive that he saw in "Terminator". The generators were ready, and the countdown began.

When New Years came and went, and all was well with the world...
Bob looked at Jerry and said: "Let's teach that paranoid dickhead a lesson!"

Y2K Mike - The First Great Prank of the 21st Century - by Eric Brooks


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